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Commission – Your artwork made to order.

Like a painting by Koningen? Would love to own it? But it’s too big or too small? Or do you have an idea for an artwork that is something similar? Not a problem. Over the past 20 years we have made many private and commercial clients very happy with their personalised commission.

Talk to us about your ideas and the type of painting you would like. The colours, subject matter, size and details to be included. A commission is an exciting journey of discovery for both yourself and the artist, resulting in a unique and personally satisfying artwork. A commissioned artwork becomes truly a piece of yourself, something you initiated and created together with the artist. With a commissioned artwork you will own not only a valuable piece of art, but the story of its creation will always be an inherent personal story that is much more intimate, exciting and interesting to tell to others. Interested or curious?

Get in touch with us through info@koningenart.com or use the form below to start your adventure!

Simple Process & Satisfied Clients

It is a simple process, a combination of calling, emailing and/or visiting the studio with your ideas. We then work with you to achieve the desired painting. You will regularly receive pictures of the artist’s progress to show you the fascinating process of how your painting comes alive. As the work enters the final stage of its creation, adjustments can be made if at all necessary. We then ship the work to you anywhere in the world.
Sherina commission

Svein Koningen has many satisfied clients from all over the world who have commissions of both abstract and flower paintings.  Svein has artistic license as you can’t recreate, or would want the same work as another owner, so every Koningen is uniquely individual.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to order a commission.

The work here (photo) was commissioned at an exhibition in Australia. We communicated via emailed photos during the creative process to obtain the desired result.  Having chosen the style from the original painting Wild Iris Sherina is completely satisfied with her own commissioned Iris Colours Painting.  

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