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Copenhagen CODE Art Fair – A very good reason to take make it in late August.

Copenhagen, one of the world’s most vibrant and forward-looking capitals, is going to present the first edition of the CODE Art Fair, to be held on 26-28 August (VIP Preview on 25 August). With the mission to discover and showcase some of the best contemporary art – not only from Scandinavia – but from around the globe, CODE decidedly stands by its vision that “what you see at CODE today will shape the art scene of tomorrow.”

Copenhagen - City of the CODE Art Fair

Copenhagen – City of the CODE Art Fair

Top galleries from around the world

CODE Art Fair brings together leading art galleries from throughout Europe and the Americas. They include Anonymous Gallery (Mexico City), Antoine Levi (Paris), Berthold Pott (Cologne), Brand New Gallery (Milan), Kai Matsumiya (New York), König Galerie (Berlin), Lyles & King (New York), Galerie Nagel Draxler (Berlin), Peres Projects (Berlin), Rod Barton (London/Brussels), Steve Turner (Los Angeles) and Vilma Gold (London), just to name a few.

A mixture of Scandinavian and international artists

The fair will present artworks by trendy and sought-after artists from all over the world. Even if you are already familiar with the Scandinavian art scene, CODE is dedicated to bring you fresh aesthetics and mingle great Scandinavian artists with international ones.

Fantastically curated group exhibitions

The CODE Art Fair also includes two group exhibitions: (i) Flat Fix, a new exhibition featuring American artists working with paint across different media, organised by the Brooklyn-based artist, writer and curator Ryan Steadman, and Ryan Wallace, a multimedia artist and curator from New York City; and (ii) Danmark, curated by artist, writer and freelance curator Mikkel Carl, exclusively features Danish artists who are not represented in their native country. Conceived to highlight certain peculiar dynamics of the Danish art scene as well as specific architectural aspects of the fair venue, Danmark offers works in a wide range of media from students, upcoming and well-established artists.

Plentiful performance and talk programmes

Organised under the large-scale 20th edition of Art Copenhagen, enthusiastic collectors can anticipate an ambitious, packed programme of performances and talks, most of which are especially created for the art fair. The performance and talk programme, directed by Kristian W. Andersen, will be featuring a young generation of Danish and international artists. During the weekend, a series of art talks will be staged gathering various artists and key players from the international art arena.

A cluster of the brightest minds in the art world

Besides seeing awesome art, meeting other brilliant and art-inspired minds is undoubtedly the most important reason for going to an art fair. The CODE Art Fair emphasises on fostering an open, ongoing dialogue among the contemporary art world’s “brightest minds” including artists, writers, curators and collectors through specially appointed events to meet and discuss the cultural and economic forces currently shaping the contemporary art market.


CODE Art Fair in Bella Center in Copenhagen.

Bella Center in Copenhagen

Ideal Venue

The Copenhagen CODE Art Fair will take place in Bella Center, Scandinavia’s largest exhibition center. With its dramatic glass and steel architecture and soaring spaces bathed in natural light, it is an excellent venue to experience art while getting a taste of contemporary Nordic culture.

Irresistible charm of the vibrant and innovative Danish capital

Ranked as the world’s most liveable city in 2013 and 2014, Copenhagen offers art-lovers and collectors an exploding number of museums, galleries, artist-run spaces and residences. A route across this compact Scandinavian city can get you through over 20 museums, 15 Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as green trees, canals, and harbours marked by well-designed public spaces.