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Everything from commercial requests and referrals, commissions, shipping and payment options and the answers to other typical questions can be found here.



We Deliver


How will my artwork be shipped?

We use bubble wrap, foam, industrial cardboard and sometimes timber to make either a box,  a crate or a cylinder to ship paintings or works on paper. Upmost care is given when packaging to ensure a safe delivery.  Over 20 years of shipping paintings we have had 100% safe arrival.

Currently we include delivery cost unless shipping cost is over $250.  Most of the artworks come within this delivery cost.  We will advise if higher.  

Our shipping rates are based on courier fees determined by the destination, measurements and weight of the artwork.  Priority shipping via FEDEX  a three day delivery, or a normal delivery rate which depending on destination can be up to 10 days.


Can you deliver my artwork if I am local?


We offer a very personalised service to ensure your work is delivered safely and if required Svein will hang the painting.

Do you ship internationally? What does it cost?

Currently delivery costs are free unless the cost is above $250 or the item is required express then the client would be pay the extra fee beyond $250. 

How long will it take to reach me?

Original artworks and limited edition prints usually arrive between 5 working days and fourteen (14) business days from time of order, depending on the destination of the artwork as well as the time it takes to clear customs if the work is shipped internationally. The time of shipping depends on the rate i.e. express air and other various options.  Email us with your request at info@koningenart.com

Commercial Projects

Interior Designers & Architects

Art in your Office

For Trade, Hotels, Healthcare, Offices

Whether you are looking for artworks for offices, hotels, healthcare, hospitality or residential projects we can help you reach your required creative outcome.

  • We can provide original paintings and prints of selected works for your project.
  • Large projects for hotels or a single work we can meet your desired outcome with a professional but fun process.
  •  Prints and original artworks from one source
  •  Commissioned artworks take from 10 days to three weeks depending on quantity required and destination.
  • Our team are experienced in large commissioned projects for hotels in both Australia and Europe.
How do we go about deciding on the collection?

We offer help and support with your decision through the buying process.  You can send us  images of your space and your colour frame work with a list of paintings that might work in your space.    Not all our paintings are on the website so we can offer other options within size and budget requirements.  Our motto is if you love it on the site you will adore the painting in reality!

If you live in the UK or Benelux we offer an in house process.  That being, we bring a selection of work to your space so you get to see a variety of paintings to help in your decision making process.

Contact Us

Can you give me a list of referrals?

Working closely with clients, interior designers and project managers our expertise can be verified.

InDesign International, Australia  Ms Penny Del Castello. Projects include Hotel Foyer commissions, Alpine Spa Reception paintings, Contemporary residences and personal collections.

1669 B&B, Saint Sauveur B&B – Olivier Roelens, Belgium Canada. Commission and art for hospitality.

use contact form for details


Perfect for your space

Like a painting by Koningen?  Would love to own it?   But it’s too big or too small?  Or do you have an idea for an artwork that is something similar?   Not a problem. Over the past 20 years we have made many private and commercial clients very happy with their personalised paintings.

Talk to us about your ideas and the type of painting you would like. The colours, subject matter, size and details to be included. A commission is an exciting journey of discovery for both yourself and the artist, resulting in a unique and personally satisfying artwork. A commissioned artwork becomes truly a piece of yourself, something you initiated and created together with the artist. With a commissioned artwork you will own not only a valuable piece of art, but the story of its creation will always be an inherent personal story that is much more intimate, exciting and interesting to tell to others. Interested or curious?

Get in touch with us through info@koningenart.com or use the form below to start your adventure!

It is a simple process, a combination of calling, emailing and/or visiting the studio with your ideas. We then work with you to achieve the desired painting. You will regularly receive pictures of the artist’s progress to show you the fascinating process of how your painting comes alive. As the work enters the final stage of its creation, adjustments can be made if at all necessary. We then ship the work to you anywhere in the world.


Sherina commission

Svein Koningen has many satisfied clients from all over the world who have commissioned both abstract and flower paintings.  Svein has artistic license as you can’t recreate, or would want the same work as another owner, so every Koningen is uniquely individual.  Do not hesitate, call or email us at info@koningenart.com to us know that you would like to talk to Svein about commissioning your special painting.

This commission was placed by our gorgeous client Sherina at an exhibition in Australia. We communicated mostly online from Studio Brugge at various stages in the creation process to obtain the desired result.  Having chosen the style from the original painting Wild Iris Sherina is completely satisfied with her own commissioned Iris Colours Painting.

Exhibitions, Create an Art Event

Art Event

Create your own Art Event/Exhibition

Create your individual art event for with friends, family,  social groups or charity .  We bring our exhibition expertise to your space creating a fun intimate art show. Gather a group of people, some wine and nibbles, we bring a selection of paintings.     The host of the event has the added incentive of a rather large discount for a painting.   We offer art for every budget at our events including works on paper.

Simply use our contact form and send us your idea.

Melbourne Art Event

Melbourne Art Event

Charity Fundraiser Events


Koningen Art supports a variety of Charities.

Durrell Foundation, Saving species from extinction:


our recent donation for Durrel Foundation for their 5 Star Event in 2015.





Certificate of Authenticity

Every painting comes with Certificate of Authenticity.  This document has information about the painting,and is signed by the artist.

The certificate is sent separately to the painting to ensure security.

Still something not clear and need more help? Send us a message to info@koningenart.com or use the form below.

KoningenArt Contact Form

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