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WOOCS 2.2.4

Summer this year is hot and steamy reminding us of summers in Australia.  The summer here won’t be a long one but this year it is intense.

We read of a very cold Australian winter with snow falls in outer Melbourne and on the highlands. We remember our excitement of the possibility of snow and long drives to see the winter scenes. We now know of the wonder of heavy snow and the amazing beauty of winter fogs.  But, right now we are loving the freedom of summer with long days and warm nights.

This summer we are growing bee friendly flowers. Starting with a mixed seed packet, we now have these monstrous triffid like plants but hey, the bees are very very happy. Big bumble bee’s work all day long with smaller bees joining the urgent pollen collecting frenzy.

The bees get a bit confused when they land on the flower paintings only to find the tulips are not real.

Bees, as we all know, are dying in unprecedented numbers so every little healthy flower can help the bees.  Bee keepers say that an urban environment can be safer for the bees rather  than the countryside due to pesticides.

We are honouring the BEE  with two new Wilderness and Flower paintings :



Love My Garden  100cm x 160cm

Paintings that feel like Summer


Summer Days

Summer Days



Stripped Bare

Stripped Bare  160cm x 130cm

There is a quiet tension between the two nude women.  The woman with her back to the view is looking out to a time where once the land was forested and nature had a place on earth. The green glimpses of forests reminding us that there might be a glimmer of hope to save us from a parched earth.


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