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Svein Koningen

Svein Koningen

For Svein Koningen, abstract inspiration comes from both external influences and of course the internal abstract thinking of a studio artist. He states he never plans an exact work allowing the paint and the internal unconscious to come through. Change is a must for this artist.

Born in post war Norway (1946) Svein Koningen and his mother joined his Dutch father in Amsterdam before the family moved to Geelong Australia in 1953.  Koningen pursued an Art and Industrial Design Degree but left shortly before graduation.  His independent personality going against the confining restrictions of the time Koningen left to get on with life.  He promptly began work as a graphic artist.  Not suited to a boring office job he took up a management position with the family business in Curacao in the Caribbean.  So sets the scene of change and diversity being a constant for Koningen.

Colour combinations and texture

He explores on canvas, the relationship between colour combinations and texture. He works intuitively, i.e. Bella Galloway The Cow, not planning ahead rather going with flow of paint with large palette knives & brushes on canvas creating from the subconscious. Creating bold exciting abstract art canvases bursting with vibrant colour, the viewer is drawn to touch the art to feel the ridging textures. Paring and scraping back paint revealing glimpses and stories within the larger abstract story. The paintings tell of various experiences of the artist for the viewer.  Not confined to particular styles his work can vary from a semi abstract expressionist Monet’s Summer Garden to water colours and nudes then a very large pure abstract.  Abstraction is his passion being born out of his art studies in the 1960’s.

Recent works

first love last love

First Love Last Love

We are in love, we are passionate, we desire each other.  Words that express great emotion.  These emotions are expressed or transposed to paint on canvas in the latest abstract Passion Series.

passionate paris

Passionate Paris

Cows – Black & White

Koningen inspiration comes from visual images as seen in the more recent paintings “Cows’.  A simple drive to the dutch coast of Cad Zand inspired two new works in monochrome black and white. The scene, a cold winters day, a lonely cow in a paddock, I insisted we stop and take a photo.  Back in the studio Svein begins painting a new work in black and white with no idea of where the paint on canvas will take him.  Like a journey without a destination.

the cow

The lonely cow in a paddock

Bella Galloway

Bella the Cow, albeit in abstract form.


Wild Tulips Garden

Wild Tulips Garden (with a wilderness background)

Some series of works such as the Wilderness Series and Tulips have continued to evolve over time.  The combination of abstract textural background with the familiar colourful tulips, lavender or poppies connect with Koningen’s admirers.  New works continue to flow from artists studio.



A Simple Love Affair

“To own a Koningen has been likened to being in a love affair that keeps you spellbound as the painting keeps revealing hidden secrets from within.” quote from Belgian Collector

The beauty of abstract art is for the viewer to interpret the artist’s work finding stories of images hidden within the canvas.

To view Svein Koningen’s CV and the list of private and group exhibitions he has participated in, click here.

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