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WOOCS 2.2.4

Exhibition "Journey of Change"

By the Pond

“Retrospective Bruges to Casuarina”

The artist’s journey from the Living Studio Gallery in Belgium 2005 – 2016  returning to Melbourne early January 2017.  The Melbourne studio was fruitful with two bodies of work – the Paradisaea Series and the Midsummers Series.  Koningen wanted more light and nature in his work and life he relocated once again,  moving to Casuarina.

This exhibition shows the scope of work and diversity in his style and application.

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Casurina Ocean Retreat


Set in nature and beach with the sound of rolling surf is the perfect setting for the Koningen Exhibition,

“Restrospective Bruges to Casurina – Journey of Change”.

Entering the spacious open reception with view of the stunning lilly pond,

we are met with the “Midsummers Series, Blue Moon” painting and so the journey begins with paintings that remind us of the sea to the more intricate Midsummers Solstices the largest piece in the exhibition,

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Change is a constant for this artist.


  • Past studios in Melbourne, Brisbane and the very successful Living Studio Gallery in Noosa Heads, 1997 – 2005.
  • Relocating in 2005 to the stunning UNESCO BELGIUM city of Bruges in Belgium, Koningen’s studio quickly became the must visit for locals and international art lovers.
  • Closing his Bruges studio in 2016 this being a heart decision, coming back to Australia for family and friends.

Koningen is now based in Casuarina. 

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