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Durrell Wildlife Conservation, Saving species from extinction:

Durrell strives to save the most threatened species in the most threatened places around the world. Biodiversity is essential for human survival and our aim is to ensure we can persist alongside the myriad of plants and animals that inhabit our planet.

Like many conservation organisations around the world, we at Durrell are striving to save species from disappearing forever – but are we being successful? Can we prove that we are achieving our mission?

This is a simple question to ask, but a frustratingly difficult one to answer. Nature conservation is a complex, challenging and long-term process. Understanding the difference we make to endangered species is a vital question that should be at the heart of what we are trying to do. It guides conservation strategies and policies, it boosts fundraising and can demonstrate return on the support provided by donors, partners and members.

This is where the Durrell Index comes in. It is our flagship tool for measuring and communicating our conservation actions and impacts for endangered species and habitats in Mauritius, Madagascar, India, the Caribbean and beyond over the past 35 years.

In other words, it measures Durrell’s conservation performance. The Durrell Index is a set of data-driven indicators that track the main threats to our species, our conservation actions and the resulting impacts at a species and global programme level. They are complemented by project timelines to provide a richer, story-driven measure of impact.


The Wilderness painting is inspired by the artist’s first visit to the Vaucluse Region in northern Provence, France. Staying with friends in a remote location away from the crowds of tourists, the artist was immersed in the natural environment of fresh water swimming pools and long nights under the stars.The painting captures the colours of summer crops of lavender, sunflowers and grape vines with shades of purples, hues of yellow & orange, sap greens all set against faded hues that remind us of dried grasses.   Koningen is extravagant with his paint creating texture and layers giving the viewer more and more to explore within the painting.  Paintings from this series now take pride of place in collections all over the world

Durrell makes a difference:    Around the world, 63 endangered species have undergone major recoveries since the 1980s thanks to conservation.  Durrell has led or supported projects on 12% of these!

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